Some of products I have worked on.

Nokia NFC Music Card  (product concept)

On April 2013, Nokia organized AppCampus  for Vietnamese developers; as an Premium Development Partner, Felix joined the contest. I proposed an innovative music distribution platform taking advantage of the NFC technology allowing consumers to PAY, OWN, and PLAY music in the most convenient and natural way.

BaoMoi Mobile (product design, product management)

* Review: http://thebox.vn/App-Thu-Thuat/Doc-tin-phong-cach-moi-cung-ung-dung-Baomoi4/16843.html


Felix Mobile Publishing Platform (product management)

* iPhone

* Android

* Java

* Nokia Touch and Type


go.vn (ux/product/project management)

* go.vn


AutoCAD Plant (product design)

* AutoCAD P&ID

* AutoCAD Plant 3D

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