This is what I wrote about myself when first created this site (when I was in grad school):

I was born in Hai Duong, a province in Northern Vietnam, where my maternal grand-parents worked there for most of their lives. I was brought up in Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam. However, my childhood was split between the two cities. I spent most of my summer holidays during the primary school time with my grand-parents; my grand-mother would teach me maths to prepare for the next academic year. I still can imagine quite clearly how the house would look like. We sold the house many years ago; I kind of miss it till now. We ate a lot of ducks there; my grand mum’s cooking is great. However, none of her children can match with her skills.

I was in specialized classes for maths since my primary; yet I was never really good at the subject. During my high school, I tried to study algorithms and liked it immediately. In 1998, I went to Portugal for IOI, it was an unforgettable experience for a small boy in an not-so-connected country (I did not have Internet connection at the time). I got my Bachelor from National University of Singapore, and went on to do my Master; both are in Computer Science. After much thoughts and soul searching I decided to go out to work in industry.

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  1. Hey, like the way you put it…will take time to read through…looks like it will be lots food for thoughts!

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