Political rights

bq. Political rights do not originate in parliaments; they are rather forced upon them from without. And even their enactment into law has for a long time been no guarantee of their security. They do not exist because they have been legally set down on a piece of paper, but only when they have become a ingrown habit of a people, and when any attempt to impair them will meet with the violent resistance of the populace. Where this is not the case, there is no help in any parliamentary opposition or any Platonic appeals to the constitution. One compels respect from others when one knows how to defend one’s dignity as a human being. This is not only true in private life; it has always been the same in political life as well.

“Rudolf Rocker”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudolf_Rocker

However, it takes a long time for a populace to embraces an idea and internalize it. The establishment is not interested in educating its people about their rights; especially when these rights are against the establishment’s interests. In history, changes only came after some catastrophes happened, partly because the populace did not realized their rights. For example, the Vietnamese during French colonization had to fight with both feudalism and colonialism; yet many Vietnamese at the time still believed that feudalism is a legitimate form of government. As in our modern ages, Internet offers a better way to spread ideas and educate people of their rights. Internet is also a best way to mobilize grass roots movements as seen in Ron Paul presidential campaign.

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