Rants: airports are a recent invention; however, it has become a important part of many of us. It can be a place of love, like waiting for a loved ones coming back after a long period of seperation. It can be a place of sorrow, I still remembered the day my Mom and I went to Noibai to send my Dad to Europe for a very very long time. Anyway, I always have this extreme isolated feeling when I was in airport alone. Back to the not so old days, when I was still a young man without much attachments, I used to enjoy such loneliness, it gave one time to be only to him/herself. Nowaday, I no longer like such things; airports gave me anxiety. Look like as one grows older, her/his perspective changes. I remembered one evening in a Vietnamese resraurant in SF, I saw a girl crying river across the other table. Maybe about her love, I didn’t know. While it was definitely sad; as a WKW fan, I thought that was a “beautiful” scene as in what you saw in the movies. Damn, I think nowaday, a lot of “cool” things I used to find them “cool” are no longer important. I just saw the sorrow of a troubled soul; and and sadness just touches a deep part of your heart. I guess all I want to say is I hate airports, and btw smoking is really bad for your health.

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