Reading List: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

I have just finished the book “The Inmates Are Running the Asylum”: it is a interesting enough. What I take home after reading the book is that you have to write spec before coding a new software. There are many good reviews in Amazon site, so I won’t write a long one. I have few problems with the book:

* It is too much like a rant; I feel the book can be shorted by half without losing any information.
* The illustrative pictures are plain ugly and childish; they look like clip arts taken from PowerPoint. I have not talked about typography yet.
* Many points the author raised in the book don’t have substantial data/analysis to back up. They are just his personal opinions.

Overall, it is still worth to read; a good book instead. He mentioned many important concepts of interactive design which I fully agree with. I wish the author can shorten the book into half, cut out his personal rants, find some beautiful-meaningful illustrative pictures.

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