Experimental Project: Digital Book

Sometimes I did few experimental projects. This is one of them during the time at Autodesk.

Tips & Tricks Wiki

The link about is a self-contained document, the missing things are graphical elements, at the time I could not find way to practically store photos within an HTML document. Need to learn more HTML5 now!

The original introduction I wrote:

“This is the TiddlyWiki version of the book “Tips & Tricks for Using AutoCAD 2007 Software” by LynnAllen. The conversion was done by TranTuanAnh.

The purpose of this experiment is to try out new ways to provide post-sale documentation to users. Few advantages of using TiddlyWiki are following:

* It is more interactive, TiddlyWiki offers an extremely interesting way to browse the content with the concepts of WikiWord, tags, etc.
* It helps to democratize the publication process. It is Read/Write documents my friends 🙂 Users can participate, they can make changes; we empower them.
* The kind of content like “Tips and Tricks” is MicroContent and should be written in a new WritingStyle.
* It is technically and practically convenient, this is just one HTML file. Anyone can ready it, everyone can publish it.

I leave you to figure out how ThisSiteStructure is mapped from the original document.”

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