mTin 3.0 smartphone experience

iPhone came to the market and brought to us (consumers) the great mobile experience that we had never seen before. Now, we have many other smartphone choices: Android, Windows Phone 7, webOS, MeeGo (N9), etc. Many of us now take for granted the good user experience of smartphones; but don’t forget 80% of mobile devices sold worldwide are mass-market phones (feature phones).

That means majority of mobile users still have to live with the poor experience of feature phones. The phones are usually slow, many of them don’t support wifi or 3G, browsers are really bad, navigation is hard and complex, etc. Yet, customers deserve better. At FELIX, one of our goal is bringing smartphone experience to mass-market phones, and we did just that in this latest version of mTin.

mTin is the one-stop shop for all mobile services:

  • News: update latest news from more than hundred of newspapers.
  • Everything about football: news, live scores, results, fixtures, tables, etc., of all leagues.
  • Entertainment: music, photos, games, hot clips, celebrity gossip, etc.
  • Lottery: results from all provinces, stats and predictions, etc.
  • Finance: Business news, stock market, quotes, etc.

You can find out more about mTin at

There are many little improvements here and there in this release, however we have revamped the product in following areas:

  • User Interface. We have improved not only the graphic, but also the interaction model. So it is easier for users now to navigate and access content they want.
  • Content. We improved the content both in term of breadth and depth.
  • Payment. A lot more flexible, customers can purchase items individually, there are very good free section, or you can choose the subscription method. Ultimately we let our customers decide how best they enjoy their mobile experience.

You can download mTin at (using your phone browser), or simply text MTIN to 6089.

mTin is brought to you by FELIX and Incom. We have worked together over the years and through the woods to best serve our customers. We would like to thank our teammates from Incom for their hard-work to make this release happened!

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