State of the Voice

This has been an exciting year for FELIX. One significant milestone was the release of the third generation of our mobile publishing platform (3G-MPP). The technology has been behind our flagship product version 3. And now the 3G-MPP has also manifested itself in another new product “Chúc Bé Ngủ Ngon” (Bed Time Stories for Kids).

3G-MPP itself is a major technology achievement. As our technology is able to delivery reliably audio-slide shows (mobile audio slide – MAS) to mobile devices without any special requirements on bandwidth or device configurations. Our technology runs smoothly on 2G networks and on all feature phones popular in the market.

In addition to pushing the technology limits, we have been experimenting a lot with the content format. The technology has opened the door to many opportunities which we could not think of before. The first “product” using 3G-MPP is the daily news reports “Bản Tin 59′” which had very good responses from our BaoMoi users. Based on our experience working on “Bản Tin 59′”, we firmly believe we are on something very interesting; our MAS simply allows us to be creative on how we delivery rich media content to our customers.

When we were experimenting with bed time stories for kids using MAS, it felt just right; we think we found the “sweet spot”. So we decided to branch out to make a product on its own. Here it is:

You can download “Chúc bé ngủ ngon” from Parents! if you are tired of the same old stories, “Chúc bé ngủ ngon” is the answer. Our app will read bedtime stories for your kids. The story collection has been carefully selected and been updated frequently. Our app not only helps your kids go into sleep, but also teaches them valuable lessons. The voice is professionally recorded; the illustrations are carefully crafted. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

P/S: this is promotional writeup of my company, FELIX, new product.




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