WordPress finally?

I have tried blogspot, textpattern, then tiddlywiki; each has its own problems. I first started blogging with blogspot but wanted to run my own blogging tool, so I installed textpattern. Even though, I like its interface design, textpattern is really hard to configure. I screwed up my front page template and never managed to fix it. You need to “study” the framework in order to work with Textpattern; and some of its concepts have never become natural to me. However, in term of interaction/graphic design, textpattern is really really good. But damn to create a static page in textpattern is such a pain.

Tiddlywiki is a really neat idea, but without a server-end component loading the whole blog is too slow and I have not got time to write the server-end component.

So now I settle with WordPress so I can have a blog to write again. I still miss textpattern UI, however thinking of configuring scares me out. Moreover, WordPress is kind of good *enough*.

fn1. This is second time I installed WordPress, the first time around I used a installation script offered by the hosting service, it screwed up the database char code settings; I could not use unicode properly.

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