Trải lòng đêm khuya 🙂 – I always believe BJJ is the best gift to a child; he or she can keep it till rest of his/her life; to me it is not a sport or a martial art, more like a way of life, second only to zazen. Many of my professional sport friends don’t understand me this point. I stopped talk about and “advertise” about Jiu Jitsu to my friends long time ago, many of my “normal” friends do not know I run a BJJ club. I still talk a person into trying out Jiu Jitsu because I truly believe it is good for him/her; it is a precious thing I can give to that person. At this age in life, I see (in the sense that it is not think or believe) that fate (karma or cơ duyên are better words) will bring us (people) together. May all of you find peace in new year! Happy 2017! Last words, the purpose of training Jiu Jitsu is to keep training Jiu Jitsu (not wining medals or getting the belts). If you understand this, you will find the secret of Jiu Jitsu which is to keep training Jiu Jitsu. – Một đêm mất ngủ 🙂


Rants: airports are a recent invention; however, it has become a important part of many of us. It can be a place of love, like waiting for a loved ones coming back after a long period of seperation. It can be a place of sorrow, I still remembered the day my Mom and I went to Noibai to send my Dad to Europe for a very very long time. Anyway, I always have this extreme isolated feeling when I was in airport alone. Back to the not so old days, when I was still a young man without much attachments, I used to enjoy such loneliness, it gave one time to be only to him/herself. Nowaday, I no longer like such things; airports gave me anxiety. Look like as one grows older, her/his perspective changes. I remembered one evening in a Vietnamese resraurant in SF, I saw a girl crying river across the other table. Maybe about her love, I didn’t know. While it was definitely sad; as a WKW fan, I thought that was a “beautiful” scene as in what you saw in the movies. Damn, I think nowaday, a lot of “cool” things I used to find them “cool” are no longer important. I just saw the sorrow of a troubled soul; and and sadness just touches a deep part of your heart. I guess all I want to say is I hate airports, and btw smoking is really bad for your health.


If you are addicted (nghiện/say mê) to two things; and one-thing  won’t be available for a period of time, you tend to overdose the other as you miss the former too much.

I’ve smoked too much lately, and I think I will need stop smoking.

On Feeling

There are couple of people in your life (very few indeed) you can feel special connections. Sometimes, you can sit down with a person for hours without talking much, as if the presence of the person makes you feel happy and peaceful. That state of mind is hard to explained in words, but you know it when it is there; and you long for more.